Maryanne Torres struggles with a difficult decision over an unwanted pregnancy.
Jade: Perfect Match
A dating app matches a romance author with a Navy SEAL who is a big fan of her plagiarizing ex.
Valentine Puppies and Kisses
Jenna and Larry's Valentine Anniversary Party turns into a nightmare. Will puppies save the day and their marriage?
Playing for the Save
Ryan Hudson is attracted to a single mother with an autistic son while hiding a secret of his own.
Hide My Heart
Single mother Amber McKay must hide her baby from danger, and there’s only one man she trusts.
Dog Days of Love
Can a woman looking for Mr. Perfect fall for a happy-go-lucky Mr. Wrong?
Summer Love Puppy
Can love rebuild a ruined past? Grady and Linx share more than a hidden dog ...
Black Tied
When ordinary you and the Son of the Kitchen God stand against a playboy apocalypse.
Two nerds get makeovers in time for the Summer Festival.
Christmas Stray
A couple grieving for their son is snowed in with a stray puppy and a little boy.
A Father for Christmas
A homeless veteran meets a single mother whose daughter asks Santa for an unusual gift.
A Pet for Christmas
A veteran suffering from PTSD fights to return from Afghanistan and give his family their Christmas wishes.
A Wedding for Christmas
A female soldier and a donor from Kelly’s past threaten to derail Kelly and Tyler's wedding.
Christmas Lovebirds
Can two little lovebirds and Christmas cheer open Melisa’s heart to giving Rob another chance?
Valentine Hound Dog
A fashion designer and her basset hound convince a burned ex-firefighter that love is not skin deep.
Spring Fling Kitty
A stray cat shows a fire chief and his fiancée’s sister that doing wrong is sometimes right when it comes to love.
Blue Chow Christmas
Brian and Cait have been married for twelve years, but their secrets could blow them apart.
Valentine Wedding Hound
Jenna loses sight of her wedding when she signs up for a reality show full of tricks and dares.
Broken Build
Jen Jones falls in love with the man whose life she ruined.
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