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Rachelle Ayala Book List
Reader's Guide

All of Rachelle’s books can be found on Amazon, while some are also available on Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Google Play, Overdrive, Smashwords, Gandhi, and Scribd. [Heat Level: Sweet, Sassy, Steamy, see definitions at bottom of page.] [Large Print Paperbacks] [Audiobooks on Audible]

Christmas Creek

Deck the Hearts (Sassy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Her Christmas Chance (Sassy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

A Christmas Creek Carol (Sweet) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Kitty, It's Cold Outside (Sweet) [Ebook] [Paperback]

A Christmas Creek Caper (Sweet) [Ebook] [Paperback] [Audiobook (free)]

Toy Soldier Christmas (Sassy) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Red's Christmas Woodsman (Sassy) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Dashing Through Christmas (Sweet) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Dottie's Christmas Wish (Sweet) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Nick's Christmas Ride (Sweet) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Six Weddings and a Date (Sweet) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Unexpected Paradise (Sweet)

Where Love Blossoms [Ebook] [Paperback]

Where Love Echoes [Ebook]

Where Love Unfolds [Ebook]

Beach Reads

Jade: Perfect Match (Sweet) [Ebook] [Paperback] [Audiobook]

Seashells & Mistletoe (Mild) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Lucky in Laguna (Sassy) [Ebook] [Paperback]

American Heartland: My Country Heart

Going Haywire (Steamy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Going Toe to Mistletoe (Steamy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Going Hearts Over Heels (Steamy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Going Gets Hot (Sweet) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Going To Find Love (Sweet) [Ebook]

Have a Hart (Sweet)

Christmas Lovebirds [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook]

Valentine Hound Dog [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook]

Spring Fling Kitty [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook]

Blue Chow Christmas [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook]

Valentine Wedding Hound [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook]

Summer Love Puppy (Sassy) [Ebook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook] [Audiobook]

Dog Days of Love [Ebook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook]

Valentine Puppies and Kisses [Ebook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook]

Happy Goose Year [Ebook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook] [Audiobook]

Bad Boys for Hire (Steamy)

Ryker [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [German Ebook] [Spanish Ebook] [Italian Ebook]

Ken [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [German Ebook] [Spanish Ebook] [Portugeuse Ebook]

Nick [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback]

Liam (Sassy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback]

Gage [Ebook] [Paperback]

Axe [Ebook] [Paperback]

Roni (Sassy) [Ebook] [Paperback]


Men of Spring Baseball

Playing the Rookie (Steamy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook] [Italian Ebook]

Playing Without Rules (Steamy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook] [Italian Ebook] [Portuguese Ebook]

Playing Catch (Steamy) [Ebook] [Paperback] [Audiobook] [Spanish Ebook]

Playing for the Save (Sassy) [Ebook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook]

Playing Fastball (Steamy) [Ebook] [Paperback]


The Quarterback’s Heart (Steamy)

Intercepted by Love, Part 1 [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook]

Intercepted by Love, Part 2 [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook]

Intercepted by Love, Part 3 [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Intercepted by Love, Part 4 [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Intercepted by Love, Part 5 [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Intercepted by Love, Part 6 [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print]

Boxed Set: Intercepted by Love (The Complete Collection) [Ebook] [Paperback]


A Veteran’s Christmas (Sweet)

A Father for Christmas [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook] [Italian Ebook] [German Ebook] [Portuguese Ebook]

A Pet for Christmas [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Italian Ebook] [Spanish Ebook] [Portuguese Ebook]

A Wedding for Christmas [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook]

Bad Girl Brides (Sassy)

Bride for Breakfast: Jane [Ebook]

The Fae Legacy (Sassy)

Lucky Like Love: Clare [Ebook]

American Heartland: Sweet Country Hearts

Longer Than [Ebook]

Sánchez Sisters (Steamy)

Taming Romeo [Ebook] [Paperback]

Claiming Carlos [Ebook] [Paperback]

Club Cockburn (Steamy)

Leap, Laugh, Love [Ebook]

Triggered by Love [Ebook] [Paperback]

Blush of Love [Ebook]


Jingle Belles (Steamy)

Christmas Flirt [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback]

Santa’s Pet [Ebook] [Paperback]

Christmas Con (Sassy) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Desiring Danger (Romantic Suspense)

Love Will Stay (Steamy), [Ebook] [Paperback]

Taking Me Back (Steamy), [Ebook] [Paperback]

All You Want (Steamy), [Ebook] [Paperback]

Kiss Me Tight (Sweet), [Ebook] [Paperback]

Hold My Love (Sweet), [Ebook] [Paperback]

Sports Romances (Steamy)

Played by Love (Soccer) [Ebook] [Paperback] [Portuguese Ebook] [Spanish Ebook]

Roaring Hot! (Motorcycle Racing) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback]


Chance for Love Romantic Suspense

Broken Build (Sassy) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback]

Hidden Under Her Heart (Sweet) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook]

Knowing Vera (Steamy) [Ebook] [Paperback]

Love and Trouble (Sweet Romantic Suspense)

Hide My Heart [Ebook] [Paperback]

Preying Heart [Ebook]

Save Her Heart [Ebook]


Michal’s Window (Sassy) [Ebook] [Paperback] [Audiobook]

Christmas Stray (Sweet) [Ebook] [Audiobook] [Paperback] [Large Print] [Spanish Ebook] [Italian Ebook] [Portuguese Ebook] [French Ebook]

Black Tied (Sweet Paranormal) [Ebook] [Paperback] [Audiobook]

Santa on Strike (Sassy Romantic Comedy) [Ebook]

Not My Dogwalker (Sweet Romantic Comedy) [Ebook]

Red Hexed (Sweet Paranormal) [Ebook]

Not My Boss (Sweet Romantic Comedy) [Ebook]


Jewells in Love (Steamy)

Whole Latte Love [Ebook] [Paperback]


Your Daily Bible Verse [Ebook] [Paperback] [Audiobook]

Romance In A Month: Writing a Romance [Ebook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook] [Portuguese Ebook] [French Ebook] [Audiobook]

366 Ways to Know Your Character [Ebook] [Paperback] [Portuguese Ebook] [French Ebook] [Spanish Ebook] [Italian Ebook] [Audiobook]

Love Stories: Writing a Novella [Ebook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook] [Audiobook]

Writing Asian Romance Charters [Ebook] [Paperback]

Dangerous Love: Writing Romantic Suspense [Ebook] [Paperback] [Spanish Ebook] [Audiobook]

Smart Woman's Guide to Bitcoin [Ebook] [Paperback]

How I Wrote a Novel in 14 Days [Ebook] [Paperback]

Love by the Prompt [Ebook] [Paperback]

Write With AI [Ebook] [Paperback]

An AI Author's Journal [Ebook] [Paperback]

Order Published

  1. Michal's Window: King David's First Wife (2012)

  2. Your Daily Bible Verse: 366 Verses Correlated by Month and Day (2012)

  3. Broken Build: Chance for Love #1 (2012)

  4. Hidden Under Her Heart: Chance for Love #2 (2013)

  5. Knowing Vera: Chance for Love #3 (2013)

  6. Taming Romeo: Sanchez Sisters #1 (2014)

  7. Whole Latte Love: Jewells in Love #1 (2014)

  8. Played by Love: Soccer Romance (2014)

  9. Romance In A Month: Guide to Writing a Romance in 30 Days (2014)

  10. Playing the Rookie: Men of Spring Baseball Novella (2014)

  11. A Father for Christmas: A Veteran's Christmas #1 (2014)

  12. Claiming Carlos: Sanchez Sisters #2 (2014)

  13. 366 Ways to Know Your Character: A Romance In A Month Daily Writing Workbook (2014)

  14. Roaring Hot!: A Billionaire Biker Romance (2014)

  15. Christmas Flirt: Jingle Belles #1 (2014)

  16. Playing Without Rules: Men of Spring Baseball #1 (2015)

  17. Christmas Stray (2015)

  18. Intercepted by Love: The Quarterback's Heart #1 (2015)

  19. Intercepted by Love: The Quarterback's Heart #2 (2015)

  20. Intercepted by Love: The Quarterback's Heart #3 (2015)

  21. Leap, Laugh, Love, Club Cockburn #1 (2015)

  22. Intercepted by Love: The Quarterback's Heart #4 (2015)

  23. Intercepted by Love: The Quarterback's Heart #5 (2015)

  24. A Pet for Christmas: A Veteran's Christmas #2 (2015)

  25. Intercepted by Love: The Quarterback's Heart #6 (2015)

  26. Santa's Pet: Jingle Belles #2 (2015)

  27. Christmas Lovebirds: Have a Hart #1 (2015)

  28. Valentine Hound Dog: Have a Hart #2 (2015)

  29. Love Stories: Writing a Romance Novella in Thirty Days or Less (2015)

  30. Playing Catch: Men of Spring #2 (2016)

  31. Blush of Love, Club Cockburn #3 (2016)

  32. Bad Boys for Hire #1: Ryker (2016)

  33. Spring Fling Kitty: Have a Hart #3 (2016)

  34. Bad Boys for Hire #2: Ken (2016)

  35. Lucky in Laguna (2016)

  36. Deck the Hearts: A Christmas Creek Romance #1 (2016)

  37. Her Christmas Chance: A Christmas Creek Romance #2 (2016)

  38. Going Haywire: My Country Heart #1 (2016)

  39. Going Toe to Mistletoe: My Country Heart #2 (2016)

  40. Bad Boys for Hire #3: Nick (2016)

  41. A Wedding for Christmas: A Veteran's Christmas #3 (2016)

  42. Blue Chow Christmas: Have a Hart #4 (2017)

  43. Valentine Wedding Hound: Have a Hart #5 (2017)

  44. Going Hearts over Heels: My Country Heart #3 (2017)

  45. Playing for the Save, Men of Spring #3 (2017)

  46. Black Tied: Love Charmed Romance #1 (2017)

  47. Going Gets Hot: My Country Heart #4 (2017)

  48. Summer Love Puppy, Have a Hart #6 (2017)

  49. Dog Days of Love, Have a Hart #7 (2017)

  50. Bad Boys for Hire #4: Liam (2018)

  51. Valentine Puppies and Kisses, Have a Hart #8 (2018)

  52. Hide My Heart: Love and Trouble (2018)

  53. Jade: Perfect Match (2018)

  54. Playing Fastball, Men of Spring #4 (2018)

  55. Bride for Breakfast, Bad Girl Brides #1 (2018)

  56. A Christmas Creek Carol, A Christmas Creek Romance #3 (2018)

  57. Seashells & Mistletoe, Hawaiian Holiday (2018)

  58. Bad Boys for Hire #5: Gage (2019)

  59. Lucky Like Love, The Fae Legacy #1 (2019)

  60. Bad Boys for Hire #6: Axe (2019)

  61. Love Will Stay, Desiring Danger #1 (2019)

  62. Kitty It's Cold Outside, A Christmas Creek Romance #4 (2019)

  63. A Christmas Creek Caper, A Christmas Creek Romance #5 (2019)

  64. Christmas Con, Jingle Belles #3 (2019)

  65. Taking Me Back, Desiring Danger #2 (2019)

  66. All You Want, Desiring Danger #3 (2020)

  67. Bad Boys for Hire #7: Roni (2020)

  68. Triggered by Love, Club Cockburn #2 (2020)

  69. Writing Asian Romance Characters (2020)

  70. Dangerous Love: Writing Romantic Suspense (2020)

  71. Toy Soldier Christmas, A Christmas Creek Romance #6 (2020)

  72. Red's Christmas Woodsman, A Christmas Creek Romance #7 (2020)

  73. Happy Goose Year, Have a Hart #9 (2020)

  74. Kiss Me Tight, Desiring Danger #4 (2021)

  75. Hold My Love, Desiring Danger #5 (2021)

  76. Smart Woman's Guide to Bitcoin (2021)

  77. Longer Than: American Heartland, Sweet Country Hearts #1 (2021)

  78. Dashing Through Christmas, A Christmas Creek Romance #8 (2021)

  79. Santa on Strike (2021)

  80. Dottie's Christmas Wish, A Christmas Creek Romance #9 (2021)

  81. Preying Heart, Love and Trouble #2 (2021)

  82. Red Hexed: Ruby, Love Charmed #2 (2022)

  83. Not My Dog Walker, Not Mine #1 (2022)

  84. Going To Find Love, My Country Heart #5 (2022)

  85. Not My Boss, Not Mine #2 (2022)

  86. Nick's Christmas Ride, A Christmas Creek Romance #10 (2022)

  87. Six Weddings and a Date, A Christmas Creek Romance #11 (2022)

  88. How I Wrote a Novel in 14 days (2022)

  89. Save Her Heart, Love and Trouble #3 (2022)

  90. Love by the Prompt (2023)

  91. Write With AI (2023)

  92. Blue Mooned: Diamond, Love Charmed #3 (2023)

  93. Where Love Blossoms, Unexpected Paradise #1 (2023)

  94. An AI Author's Journal (2023)

  95. Where Love Echoes, Unexpected Paradise #2 (2023)

  96. Where Love Unfolds, Unexpected Paradise #3 (2023)

  97. Where Love Tempts, Unexpected Paradise #4 (2023)

  98. Moonlit Hideaway, (2023)

Heat Levels
Sweet: Kissing and non-graphic foreplay, but before clothes come off, the door is closed and the scene is cut.
Sassy: Lovemaking is not graphically described. Emphasis is on feelings and emotions.
Steamy: Sex and lovemaking shown with naughty words for body parts. Love and lust intertwined, but couple is monogamous.
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