Interesting Characters who reappear in different books outside of their series

Mia Fairbanks (reality show helper) - Roaring Hot, Bad Boys for Hire: Liam

Ronaldo Silver (reality show producer) - Roaring Hot, Intercepted by Love Series, Lucky in Laguna, Bad Boys for Hire: Liam

Amy Suzuki (reality show hostess) - Roaring Hot (heroine), Lucky in Laguna, Valentine Wedding Hound, Santa's Pet

Dylan Jewell (barista, businessman) - Whole Latte Love (hero), A Father for Christmas, A Pet for Christmas

Terri Martin Slade (florist) - Bad Boys for Hire: Ryker (heroine), Blue Chow Christmas

Ella Kennedy (fund raiser) - Played by Love (heroine), A Veterans's Christmas Series, Dog Days of Love

Declan Reed (actor) - Intercepted by Love, Lucky in Laguna, Christmas Lovebirds

Jasmine Gimeno (escort service boss) - Christmas Flirt, Bad Boys for Hire: Axe

Ebony Cruse (romance writer) - A Christmas Creek Carol, Love Will Stay

Grady Hart and Linx Colson (smokejumper and dog rescuer) - The Hart Family Series, Desiring Danger Series

Cait Hart Wonder (homemaker) - The Hart Family Series, Desiring Danger Series

Tally and Lucky (reality show extra and writer) - Lucky in Laguna, Her Christmas Chance

Matt Swanson and Safire Chu (football player/video game developer) - Blush of Love, Bad Boys for Hire: Gage, Triggered by Love

Johnny Dee (gadfly) - Claiming Carlos, Roaring Hot

Dave and Jen Jewell (CEO and Board member Shopahol) - Broken Build, Hidden Under Her Heart, Knowing Vera, A Father for Christmas, Whole Latte Love, Christmas Flirt, All You Want

Hero, Heroine, Pets

Triggered by Love, Hero: Jason Burnett, Heroine: Avery Cockburn

All You Want, Hero: Todd Colson, Heroine: Tami King, Pet: Spook (stray cat)

Taking Me Back, Hero: Grady Hart, Heroine: Linx Colson, Pets: Cedar, Linx's dog (chow, akita, collie mix) and Sam (shepherd-pitbull mix), Grady's dog

A Christmas Creek Caper, Hero: Brad Wing, Heroine: Ivy Jolly

Christmas Con, Hero: Braden Powers, Heroine: Samantha Reed, Pets: Wolf and Blitz, two Siberian huskies

Kitty, It's Cold Outside, Hero: Mick Jolly, Heroine: Katherine Hawtree, Pet: Figgy the kitten

Love Will Stay, Hero: Scott Colson, Heroine: Salem Pryde, Pet: Nancy the bloodhound

Bad Boys for Hire: Axe, Hero: Axe Salvadori, Heroine: Leanna Rivera, Pet: Panchito, fat gray cat

Lucky Like Love: Clare, Hero: Griffin Gallagher, Heroine: Clare Hart

Bad Boys for Hire: Gage, Hero: Gage Swanson, Heroine: Sherelle Edwards, pet: Midget, long-haired cat with dark eyes

Seashells & Mistletoe: Hawaiian Holiday: Hero: Jordan Reed, Heroine: Dani Davison

A Christmas Creek Carol: Hero: Blaze O'Carroll, Heroine: Ebony Cruse, Pets: Sugar Pops, yellow-colored tabby cat, Tessy, St. Bernard

Bride for Breakfast: Hero: Elio Grande, Heroine: Jane Bonet

Playing Fastball: Hero: Timmy Li, Heroine: Tina Lee, Pet: Donut (Tina's), blind double-dapple Dachshund/Chihuahua mix, Blondie (Timmy's Dad's): Golden Labrador

Hide My Heart: Hero: Nick Riley, Heroine: Amber McKay

Jade: Perfect Match: Hero: Aiden Lin, Heroine: Jade Reed

Valentine Puppies and Kisses: Hero: Larry Davison, Heroine: Jenna Davison, Honey & Harley (Basset hounds), Puppies

Bad Boys for Hire: Liam: Hero: Liam Donovan, Heroine: Marisa Monroe, Pet: Rats, black cat with yellow eyes

Dog Days of Love: Hero: Dale Hart, Heroine: Nessa Ransom, Pets: Ronni (had short, but soft brown hair with black tips, floppy ears and a bushier tail—a shepherd terrier mix) & Randi (was black and white, had an upright tail and wiry fur, a rat terrier sheltie mix), Aurora: black chow

Summer Love Puppy: Hero: Grady Hart, Heroine: Linx Colson, Pets: Cedar/Sasha chow/collie/Akita mix, Ginger, chow-mix puppy, Betsy: elderly Labradoodle, Sam: pitbull/German Shepherd, Bob: elderly bulldog

Going Gets Hot: Hero: Chad Powers, Heroine: Amber Myers

Black Tied: Hero: Johnny Wok, Heroine: Sapphire Sing, pet: cockatiel

Playing for the Save: Hero: Ryan Hudson, Heroine: Jamie Rush, pet: Hershey, chocolate lab

Going Hearts Over Heels: Hero: Marsh Wolff, Heroine: Ginger Myers

Valentine Wedding Hound: Hero: Larry Davison, Heroine: Jenna Hart, pet: Harley, Basset hound

Blue Chow Christmas: Hero: Brian Wonder, Heroine: Cait Wonder, pets: Sierra & Malia, blue chow sisters belonging to Glen Thornton

A Wedding for Christmas: Hero: Tyler Manning, Heroine: Kelly Kennedy, pet: Brownie, 80-lb half-Afghan hound/Kuchi dog

Going Toe to Mistletoe: Hero: Troy Caine, Heroine: Candi Myers

Going Haywire: Hero: Max Wolff, Heroine: Honey Myers

Bad Boys for Hire: Nick: Hero: Nick Wolff, Heroine: Carol Cassidy

Her Christmas Chance: Hero: Chance Martin, Heroine: Bella Tallahan, Pets: Mr. Klutz, 22-pound Maine coon cat, Miss Kookie, 6-pound Shih-Tzu/poodle mix

Lucky in Laguna: Hero: Lucky Lenigan, Heroine: Tally Tallahan, Pet: Ryu (Amy's Shih-Tzu/poodle mix)

Deck the Hearts: A Christmas Creek Romance, Hero: Gordon Gills, Heroine: Holly Jolly, Pet: Rudolph, Alaskan Malamute

Spring Fling Kitty: Hero: Connor Hart, Heroine: Nadine Woo, Pets: Greyheart, cat, Cinder, Dalmatian

Bad Boys for Hire - Ken: Hero: Ken Cassidy, Heroine: Jolie Becker

Bad Boys for Hire - Ryker: Hero: Ryker Slade, Heroine: Terri Martin

Blush of Love: Hero: Matt Swanson, Heroine: Safire Chu

Playing Catch: Hero: Kirk Kennedy, Heroine: Jeanine Jewell

Valentine's Hound Dog: Hero: Larry Davison, Heroine: Jenna Hart, Pet: Harley (Basset Hound puppy)

Santa's Pet: Hero: Ben Powers, Heroine: Brittney Reed, Pets: Big Blizzard (cockatoo), Treat (elderly Basset Hound)

Christmas Lovebirds: Hero: Rob Reed, Heroine: Melisa Hart, Pets: Cassie and Casey (lovebirds)

A Pet for Christmas: Hero: Tyler Manning, Heroine: Kelly Kennedy, Pet: Little Brownie, half-Afghan hound/half-Kuchi puppy

Leap, Laugh, Love: Hero: Finn Meriwether, Heroine: Kerry Mills

Intercepted by Love: Hero: Cade Prescott, Heroine: Andie Wales, Pets: Gollie, golden retriever collie mix (F), Red, Irish setter (M)

Christmas Stray: Hero: Gabe Martin, Heroine: Juliette Martin, Pet: Micah, brown and black Airedale puppy

Playing Without Rules: Hero: Brock Carter, Heroine: Marcia Powers

Christmas Flirt: Hero: Brandon Cole, Heroine: Lacy Reed

Roaring Hot: Hero: Teo Alexiou, Heroine: Amy Suzuki

Claiming Carlos: Hero: Carlos Lopez, Heroine: Choco Sanchez, Pet: Hilda, great dane puppy

A Father for Christmas: Hero: Tyler Manning, Heroine: Kelly Kennedy

Playing the Rookie: Hero: Jay Pak Ahn, Heroine: Jessica Song

Played by Love: Hero: Jaden Sloup, Heroine: Ella Kennedy

Whole Latte Love: Hero: Dylan Jewell (sigh, another Jewell), Heroine: Carina Chen, Pet: Sallie, chocolate lab stray

Taming Romeo: Hero: Romeo Garcia, Heroine: Evie Sanchez, Pet: Angie, chow-chow mix

Knowing Vera: Hero: Zach Spencer, Heroine: Vera Custodio

Hidden Under Her Heart: Hero: Lucas Knight, Heroine: Maryanne Torres

Broken Build: Hero: Dave Jewell (sigh, love him), Heroine: Jen Cruz Jones, Pet: Max, golden retriever

Michal's Window: Heroes: David, Phalti, Ittai, Heroine: Michal

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