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Have a Hart Sweet Romances: The Hart Family (Books 5 - 9) [Go to Books 1 - 4]

Fashion designer Jenna Hart's wedding turns into a media circus when her wedding planner signs her up for a reality show. Each week, the producers challenge her to keep her wedding on track while performing an unpleasant task or working with difficult people.

Firefighter Larry Davison wants Jenna to be happy, so he goes along with the reality show despite hating to be on camera. When the show digs too deep into his past, he has second thoughts about both the wedding and Jenna's celebrity lifestyle.

Will their ring bearer, Harley the basset hound, bring Jenna and Larry together to tie the knot in the season finale?

Can love rebuild a ruined relationship?

Grady Hart and Linx Colson have a past neither of them will admit to their families.

Linx hasn’t forgiven Grady for forcing her to do something she regrets, and Grady distrusts her for lying and trying to entrap him.

Grady’s back and he wants answers, while Linx holds him at bay, keeping him away from her dog and her heart.

What is Linx hiding, and what will Grady do when the woman he hates is the one he can’t live without?

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Can a woman looking for Mr. Perfect settle for a happy-go-lucky Mr. Wrong?

Vanessa Ransom has high standards and she's on the hunt for the perfect man. With limited time for a social life, she hires college dropout Dale Hart to walk her dogs and clean her house. Just for kicks, she decides to motivate him to succeed, only to find herself falling in love with him.

Can Dale show Vanessa that love doesn't come with a perfect report card, or will Vanessa refuse to settle for Dale until he gets his act together?

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Larry and Jenna have it all—a fairy tale romance, a sweet and gassy basset hound dog, and a dream home on the way.

While Jenna charges ahead with her dreams, Larry is plagued by nightmares and doubts about their future.

As Valentine’s Day draws near, and with it, their first anniversary, Jenna plans a big surprise for Larry, a scarred and injured firefighter who is on disability.
When Harley, their hound dog, spoils the surprise, Jenna is shocked at Larry’s reaction.

Will a house full of puppies and kisses be the lucky charm Jenna needs to convince Larry that he can truly have a big and noisy happily-ever-after family?

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Pete and Kim Hart’s nest is empty after Dale and Vanessa’s island wedding. After Pete surprises Kim with a few extra days on the beach, she is distraught to learn they will be alone for New Year’s Eve.


Pete cheers up Kim by catching a large goose to ring in the New Year. Will he rekindle their romance with a cooked goose or will she drop a goose egg over his head as the countdown drops to zero?

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